Resolving a problem

Described here are some procedures to help resolve fault conditions that might exist on your system. A basic understanding of the system concepts is required.

The following procedures are often used to find and resolve problems:

Always use the recommended actions on the Events panel of the management GUI as the starting point to diagnose and resolve a problem.

The following topics describe a type of problem that you might experience, that is not resolved by using the management GUI. In those situations, review the symptoms and follow the actions that are provided here.

The Start here: Use the management GUI to run fix procedures topic gives the starting point for any service action. The situations covered in this section are the cases where you cannot start the management GUI or the node canisters in the control enclosure are unable to run the system software.

Note: After you have created your clustered system, remove hardware components only when directed to do so by the fix procedures. Failure to follow the procedures can result in loss of access to data or loss of data. Follow the fix procedures when servicing a control enclosure.