Problem: Command file not processed from USB flash drive

This information assists you in determining why the command file is not being processed, when using a USB flash drive.

You might encounter this problem when running commands using your USB flash drive.

If you encounter this situation, verify the following items:
  • That an satask_result.html file is in the root directory on the USB flash drive. If the file does not exist, then the following problems are possible:
    • The USB flash drive is not formatted with the correct file system type. Use any USB flash drive that is formatted with FAT32 file system on its first partition; for example, NTFS is not a supported type. Reformat the key or use a different key.
    • The USB port is not working. Try the key in the other USB port.
    • The node is not operational. Check the status using the light-emitting diodes (LEDs).
  • If there is a satask_result.html file, check the first entry in the file. If there is no entry that matches the time the USB flash drive was used, it is possible that the USB port is not working or the node is not operational. Check the node status using the LEDs.
  • If there is a status output for the time the USB flash drive was used, then the satask.txt file was not found. Check that the file was named correctly. The satask.txt file is automatically deleted after it has been processed.