Problem: Control enclosure is not detected

After you install a new control enclosure, it might not be detected by the system. This procedure can help you resolve the problem.

If a control enclosure is not detected by the system, complete the following steps to resolve the problem.

  1. To add a control enclosure to the system, select Monitoring > System in the management GUI.
  2. In the management GUI, select Monitoring > System. On the System -- Overview page, select Add Enclosure. When a new enclosure is cabled correctly to the system, the Add Enclosures action automatically displays on the System -- Overview page. If this action does not appear, review the installation instructions to ensure the new enclosure is cabled correctly. You can also add a new enclosure by selecting Add Enclosure from the System Actions menu.
  3. If the control enclosure is not detected, make sure that all of following requirements are true.
    • The enclosure is powered on.
    • The enclosure is not part of another system.
    • At least one node is in candidate state.
    • The Fibre Channel cables are connected.
    • Zoning is set up according to the zoning rules defined in the SAN configuration and zoning rules summary topic.