Procedure: Deleting a system completely

You might need to completely remove all system information. When the procedure is finished, the system operates like a new installation. No data is retained.

Attention: This procedure makes all the volume data that you have on your system inaccessible. You cannot recover the data. This procedure affects all volumes that are managed by your system.

Do not continue unless you are certain that you want to remove all the volume data and configuration data from your system. This procedure is not used as part of any recovery action.

There are two stages to this procedure. First, the node canisters are reset. Second, the enclosure data is reset.

  1. Start the service assistant on one of the node canisters.
  2. Use the service assistant node action to hold the node in service state.
  3. Use the Manage System option to remove the system data from the node.
  4. Repeat steps #tbrd_dltclstr_9090sd/start_service_assistant through #tbrd_dltclstr_9090sd/remove_system_data on the second node canister in the enclosure.
  5. On one node, open the service assistant Configure Enclosure and select the Reset System ID option.
    This action causes the system to reset.