Procedure: Fixing node errors

To fix node errors that are detected by node canisters in your system, use this procedure.

Node errors are reported in the service assistant when a node detects erroneous conditions in a node canister.

In most cases, node errors also cause the system to record an alert for the node error in the system event log. The management GUI should be used to run the fix procedure for the alert, but some node errors can prevent you from doing so.
  • It might not be possible for you to access the management GUI.
  • A connectivity problem might mean the configuration node cannot be notified of a node error on the other node, so no event is logged.
  • If the system has only one control enclosure, errors might be reported by both node canisters, so that neither node can become active.
  1. Use the service assistant to obtain (and better understand) node canister and system information about the state of each node.
  2. If possible, log into the management GUI and use the monitoring page to run the recommended fix procedure.
    1. Follow the fix procedure instructions to completion.
    2. Repeat this step for each subsequent recommended fix procedure.
  3. If it is not possible to access the management GUI, or no recommended actions are listed, refer to the Error event IDs and error codes follow the identified user response for each reported node error.