Procedure: Shutting down a HyperSwap site

You can shut down one site in a HyperSwap topology system without it causing hosts to lose access to the HyperSwap volumes, if there is an up-to-date copy of each HyperSwap volume on the site that remains online.

  • Host connectivity for hosts that are connected to the site is lost when the site is shut down. You must check that these hosts can access the nodes at the other site before you shut down this site.
  • Confirm that the site that remains online has an up-to-date copy of each HyperSwap volume, by using the management GUI.
  • Verify that the quorum disk or the IP quorum application at site 3 is online by using the command line interface (CLI) lsquorum command.

To shut down a HyperSwap site, complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the steps in Powering off a control enclosure.
    Note: HyperSwap volumes are shown as dependent on the control enclosure even if there is an up-to-date copy accessible from another control enclosure.
  2. Optionally, power down the storage enclosures and controllers that are providing managed disks to this control enclosure.