Ethernet link failures

To assist in solving problems with the Ethernet ports that connect the system to one or more Ethernet networks, use this procedure.

The management GUI provides notification and assistance in fixing many connectivity errors. If possible, go to Monitoring > Events in the management GUI and see if there are error alerts associated with missing hardware or Ethernet errors. For any error alerts, run the fix procedure in the recommended order.

If the management GUI is not accessible, use the following methods to determine if an Ethernet link on a node canister has failed:
  • If there are two canisters in the control enclosure, log into the service assistant of the other node canister, then use the Change Node panel on the Home page to select the canister with the failed Ethernet link. In the Node Detail, view the Ports tab to understand each port's operational state. Refer to the Access tab to see what system addresses provide access to management functions.
  • At the rear of the node canister, examine the Ethernet status LED for each Ethernet port, as described in Procedure: Understanding the system status LEDs.

You might also be alerted to an Ethernet link failure by network monitoring tools on the network connected to the link, or system functions that depend on the Ethernet link might be degraded or offline. System functions are listed in .

The link consists of the cable, ports and other interface hardware at each end. All these components must be working for the link to be working. If multiple links are offline, this might help identify which hardware is the cause.
  • If several links connected to the same switch are failing, perhaps that switch requires maintenance.
  • If both Ethernet port 1 and 2 have failed together, the node canister might need to be replaced.
  • If all links on a single host interface adapter have failed, consider replacing the host interface adapter or the canister.
If investigation does not show a clear cause of the failure, attempt each of the following actions, until the link failure is fixed:
  1. Ensure that the Ethernet cable providing the link is securely connected at both ends, and the equipment on both ends is powered on.
  2. Perform Ethernet switch service procedures for a failing Ethernet link.
  3. Replace the Ethernet cable with a new one of the same type.
  4. Replace the node canister by following the steps in Replacing a node canister.