Procedure: Powering off a node canister

This topic describes how to do safely power off a node canister in order to service it.

Attention: After powering off a node canister using this procedure, a physical reseat of the canister will be required to power it back on. The reseat procedure requires physical access to the enclosure and is described in Procedure: Reseating a node canister.

While a node canister is powered off, some volumes can become inaccessible. Refer to Procedure: Understanding volume dependencies to determine if it is appropriate to continue this procedure.

If your system is powered on and performing I/O operations, it is important that the system is powered off correctly to ensure no data is lost. If possible, always use the fix procedures presented by the management GUI to manage and maintain your system. The fix procedures ensure the canister is powered off safely.

To power off a node, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the service assistant for the node to be shut down.
  2. On the home page, select the node canister to be shut down.
  3. If you are going to carry out maintenance of the node canister, click Identify to light the Identify LED on the canister. Confirm that you know the location of the node canister.
  4. Use the Power off action to power off the canister.
  5. After the node is powered off, the service assistant shows the node status is offline. The status LEDs on the canister indicate the node is powered off as described in Procedure: Understanding the system status LEDs.