Use the rmiscsistorageport command to remove established Internet Small Computer Systems Interface (iSCSI) sessions between system nodes and backend iSCSI target.


rmiscsistorageport lsiscsistorageport_row_id


(Required) Specifies the row ID of the selected row in the output of lsiscsistorageport command.


Use this command to remove path groups that are established after you specify addiscsistorageport (not individual paths).

Any dependencies must be removed before you specify this command. The ID of the session that is listed (after you specify lsiscsistorageport) is used to identify the sessions that must be removed.

A detailed invocation example

First, specify addiscsistorageport for discovery and lsiscsistorageport to show any added session. Then, specify rmiscsistorageport to remove sessions that are indicated by view ID 0. No tgt_user_name or target_chap is required for discovery or session establishment.

rmiscsistorageport 0

The following detailed output is displayed:

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