Use the satask snap command to collect diagnostic information from the node canister and to write the output to a USB flash drive, or to upload specified support information.


satasksnap [ -dump ] [ -upload ] [ -pmrpmr_number ] [ -noimm ] [ panel_name ]


(Optional) Indicates the most recent dump file in the output.
(Optional) Specifies that the snap file be uploaded after it is generated.
(Optional) Specifies the PMR number to use to upload the snap file. The format for a PMR must be a 13-character alphanumeric string. If the specified PMR is invalid or unknown, it is uploaded to a generic location on the server with the prefix:
If this option is not supplied, the snap file is uploaded using the machine type and serial number attributes.
(Optional) Indicates the /dumps/imm.ffdc file must not be included in the output.
(Optional) Indicates the node on which to execute the snap command.


This command moves a snap file to a USB flash drive and uploads support information.

If collected, the IMM FFDC file is present in the snap archive in /dumps/imm.ffdc.<node.dumpname>.<date>.<time>.tgz. The system waits for up to 5 minutes for the IMM to generate its FFDC. The status of the IMM FFDC is located in the snap archive in /dumps/imm.ffdc.log. These two files are not left on the node.

Specify the lsdumps command to view the file that you create.

An invocation example

satask snap 

The resulting output:

No feedback
Important: The name of the output file (placed on the specified node) is

An invocation example

satask snap -dump 111584

The resulting output:

No feedback