Use the startservice command to enter a service state.


sataskstartservice [ -force ] [ panel_name ]


(Required) Specifies a system administrator task, such as issuing service commands that are only used in specific circumstances.
(Optional) Overrides checking of system membership.
Important: Using the force parameter might result in a loss of access. Use it only under the direction of IBM support personnel.
(Optional) Identifies the node being serviced.
Note: If panel_name is not supplied, this applies to the node on which the command is running.


This command causes a node to go into service state. For example, a user might put a system node into service state to remove it from candidate state or to prevent it from automatically being added to a system again.

The -force flag is required if the action could interrupt I/O (last node in cluster or IO group). This command holds the node in service state until it is cleared using the satask stopservice command, or until the I/O process is restarted.

An invocation example

satask startservice

The resulting output:

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