Use the cpfiles command to copy files from another node.


satask cpfiles -prefix { directory | file_filter } -sourcesource_panel_name [ target_panel_name ]


System Administrator task; service commands that are only used in specific circumstances.
-prefix directory | file_filter
(Required) Specifies the directory, files, or directory and files to be retrieved. The path must exist in a permitted listable directory. You can use the following -prefix filters:
  • /dumps (retrieves all files in all subdirectories)
  • /dumps/audit
  • /dumps/cimom
  • /dumps/cloud
  • /dumps/configs
  • /dumps/drive
  • /dumps/easytier
  • /dumps/elogs
  • /dumps/enclosure
  • /dumps/feature
  • /dumps/iostats
  • /dumps/iotrace
  • /dumps/mdisk
  • /dumps/syslogs
  • /home/admin/upgrade
  • You can also specify a file filter. For example, if you specify /dumps/elogs/*.txt, all files in the /dumps/elogs directory that end in .txt are copied.
  • If you use a wildcard, the following rules apply:
    1. The wildcard character is an asterisk (*).
    2. The command can contain a maximum of one wildcard.
    3. When you use a wildcard, you must surround the filter entry with double quotation marks ("x"). For example: satask cpfiles -prefix "/dumps/elogs/*.txt"
-source source_panel_name
(Required) Identifies the source node that the files are copied from.
(Optional) Identifies the node that files are copied to. If no panel name is provided, the files are copied to the local node.
Note: If target_panel_name is not supplied, this applies to the node on which the command is running.


This command copies files from another node. You can monitor the progress of the copy using the sainfo lscmdstatus command.

An invocation example to copy configuration information from canister 1 to enclosure 2

satask cpfiles -prefix /dumps/configs -source 02-1 

The resulting output:

No feedback

An invocation example to copy Easy Tier information from canister 2 to enclosure 1

cpfiles -prefix /dumps/easytier/ -source 01-1 01-2

The resulting output:

No feedback