Use the overridequorum command to start the manual override command.


satask overridequorum -force


(Required) Overrides any quorum decision that is made by the system.
Important: Using this option might result in a loss of access. If used incorrectly this command results in different nodes in the system using different copies of mirrored volumes simultaneously. Use this command only for disaster recovery scenarios where all nodes at one site are lost.


This command starts the manual override command. This command is valid on nodes that are in a starting state with either of the following node errors:
Remember: This command is only applicable when a system is configured as a HyperSwap system by specifying:
chsystem -topology

An invocation example

satask overridequorum -force

The resulting possible outputs:

No feedback
CMMVC8077E Cluster configured in standard topology. Option is only supported on stretched or hyperswap topology. /* Recover cluster by other means or consider re-designing to use stretched or hyperswap topology. */
CMMVC8078E Insufficient cluster members to invoke manual recovery. /* Attempt to recover more nodes in site, or seek assistance from IBM support. */
No more cluster IDs /* Use another node or contact IBM support. */