Use the installsoftware command to install a specific system code package on a single node.


sataskinstallsoftware -filefilename [ -ignore ] [ -pacedccu ] [panel_name]


(Required) The file name of code installation package.
Note: The argument to -file must be present on the local node; the argument is automatically copied to the target panel_name.
(Optional) Overrides prerequisite checking and forces installation of the code.
(Optional) Causes the node to initiate a paced Concurrent Code Update (in which you define when the node begins its update) instead of a normal Concurrent Code Update (in which each node in the clustered system automatically updates in sequence).
(Optional) Identifies the node being serviced.
Note: If panel_name is not supplied, this applies to the node on which the command is running.


This command installs a specific code package on a single node.

Important: Use this command only under the direction of your support team.

An invocation example

satask installsoftware -file install_pkg.gpg nodeB_panel_name

The resulting output:

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