Use the testemail command to send an email notification to one user of the email notification function or to all users of the email notification function to ensure that the function is operating correctly.


testemail { user_name | user_id | -all }


user_id | user_name
(Required if you do not specify -all) Specifies the user ID or user name of the email recipient that you want to send a test email to. You cannot use this parameter with the -all parameter. The userid_or_name value must not contain spaces.
(Required if you do not specify user_name or user_id) Sends a test email to all email users configured to receive notification of events of any notification type. No attempt is made to send the test email to a user who does not have any notification setting set to on.


This command sends test emails to the specified users. The email recipient expects to receive the test email within a specified service time. If the email is not received within the expected time period, the recipient must contact the administrator to ensure that the email settings for the user are correct. If there is still a problem, check your product support information.

The email recipient uses the test email to check that the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) name, the IP address, the SMTP port, and the user address are valid.

An invocation example that sends a test email to user ID manager2008

testemail manager2008

The resulting output:

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