Use the mkemailserver command to create an email server object that describes a remote Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) email server.


mkemailserver [ -nameserver_name ] -ipip_address [ -portport ]


(Optional) Specifies a unique name to assign to the email server object. The name must be a 1- through 63-character string, and cannot start with a hyphen or number. If a name is not specified, then a system default of emailservern is applied, where n is the object ID. When specifying a server name, emailserver is a reserved word.
(Required) Specifies the IP address of a remote email server. This must be a valid IPv4 or IPv6 address. IPv6 addresses can be zero compressed.
(Optional) Specifies the port number for the email server. This must be a value of 1 - 65535. The default value is 25.


This command creates an email server object that represents the SMTP server. The Lenovo Storage V series uses the email server to send event notification and inventory emails to email users. It can transmit any combination of error, warning, and informational notification types.

The Lenovo Storage V series supports up to six email servers to provide redundant access to the external email network. The email servers are used in turn until the email is successfully sent from the Lenovo Storage V series. The attempt is successful when the Lenovo Storage V series gets a positive acknowledgement from an email server that the email has been received by the server.

An invocation example

mkemailserver -ip -port 78

The resulting output:

Emailserver id [2] successfully created