Removing and replacing parts

You can remove and replace customer-replaceable units (CRUs) in control enclosures or expansion enclosures.

Attention: Even though many of these components are hot-swappable, they are intended to be used only when your system is not active (no I/O operations). If your system is powered on and processing I/O operations, go to the management GUI and follow the fix procedures. Initiating the replacement actions without the assistance of the fix procedures can result in loss of data or loss of access to data.

Each replaceable unit has its own removal procedure. Sometimes you can find that a step within a procedure might refer you to a different remove and replace procedure. You might want to complete the new procedure before you continue with the first procedure that you started.

Remove or replace parts only when you are directed to do so.

After you carry out a part replacement under warranty, ensure compliance with any requirements to return parts. Follow all packaging instructions, and use all supplied packaging materials for shipping.