Replacing enclosure end caps

You can remove and replace enclosure end caps.

Attention: The left end cap is printed with information that helps identify the enclosure.
  • Machine type and model
  • Enclosure serial number
  • Machine part number
The information on the end cap should always match the information that is printed on the rear of the enclosure, and also match the information that is stored on the enclosure midplane. For more detailed information, refer to Replacing a control enclosure midplane.

To remove and replace either the left or right end cap, complete the following steps.

  1. If the enclosure is on a table or other flat surface, elevate the enclosure front slightly or carefully extend the front over the table edge.
  2. Grasp the end cap by the blue touch point and pull it until the bottom edge of the end cap is clear of the bottom tab on the chassis flange, as described in Fitting the enclosure end caps.
  3. Lift the end cap off the chassis flange.
  4. Fit the slot on the top of the new end cap over the tab on the top of the chassis flange.
  5. Rotate the end cap down until it snaps into place.
    Ensure that the inside surface of the end cap is flush with the chassis.
    Figure 1. Fitting the enclosure end caps
    Fitting the enclosure end caps