Use the recovervdiskbysystem command to acknowledge data loss for all volumes in the system with a fast_write_state of corrupt and bring the volumes back online.




There are no parameters for this command.


Note: Use this command only under the supervision of IBM Support personnel.

All volumes in the system that have a fast_write_state of corrupt; and all copies, if mirrored, are recovered and brought back online. If any of the volumes are thin-provisioned or have thin-provisioned copies, the recovervdiskbysystem command triggers the thin-provisioned repair process. If volumes are mirrored, the command triggers a resynchronization from a synchronized copy. The progress of the resynchronization can be monitored by using the lsvdisksyncprogress command. Volumes remain online during the resynchronization process.

If none of the volumes in the system have a fast_write_state of corrupt, the recovervdiskbysystem command still starts the repair process for any corrupt copies of mirrored volumes. The progress of the repair process can be monitored using the lsrepairsevdiskcopyprogress command. If there are no corrupt volumes or no repairs to copies are required, no error is returned.

Volumes that are still offline because they are being repaired following the recovervdiskbysystem command have a fast_write_state of repairing. Volumes are brought online when the repair process is complete.

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