Use the mkmetadatavdisk command to create one metadata volume (owner type is host_integration_metadata) from a storage pool. You can also export one block device or file system (that is based on this volume) in the configuration node.


mkmetadatavdisk -mdiskgrp { mdiskgrp_id | mdiskgrp_name }


-mdiskgrpmdiskgrp_id | mdiskgrp_name
(Required) Assigns one or multiple storage pools for use in creating a metadata volume. The value must be a numeric value for mdiskgrp_id and an alphanumeric string for mdiskgrp_name.


This command creates one metadata volume from a storage pool.

Note: You cannot specify a data reduction pool with this command.

An invocation example

mkmetadatavdisk -mdiskgrp pool_a

The resulting output:

Virtual Disk, id [2], successfully created