Use the recovervdisk command to acknowledge volume data loss and brings the volume back online.


recovervdisk [ -copycopy_id ] { vdisk_name | vdisk_id }


vdisk_name | vdisk_id
(Required) Specifies the volume to recover.
(Optional) Specifies the ID of the copy to recover.


The specified volume, and all copies if mirrored, are recovered and brought back online. If the volume is thin-provisioned or has thin-provisioned copies, this command triggers the thin-provisioned repair process. If the volume is mirrored, the recovervdisk command triggers a resynchronization from a synchronized copy. The progress of the resynchronization can be monitored by using the lsvdisksyncprogress command. The volume remains online during the resynchronization process.

The recovervdisk command also starts the repair of any thin-provisioned copies that have a fast_write_state of corrupt. The progress of the repair process can be monitored by using the lsrepairsevdiskcopyprogress command.

A volume that is still offline because it is being repaired following the recovervdisk command has a fast_write_state of repairing. The volume is brought online when the repair process is complete.

An invocation example (to recover volume 45)

recovervdisk vdisk45

The following command is an invocation example to recover copy 0 of volume 45:

recovervdisk -copy 0 vdisk45