Replacing a hot-swap fan

Use this information to replace a hot-swap fan.

For proper cooling, the server requires that all four single-motor hot-swap fans be installed at all times.

Attention: To ensure proper operation, replace a failed hot-swap fan within 30 seconds.

To replace a hot-swap fan, complete the following steps:

  1. Read the safety information that begins on Safety and Installation guidelines.
  2. Remove the top cover (see Removing the top cover).
  3. Touch the static-protective package that contains the new fan to any unpainted metal surface on the server. Then, remove the new fan from the package.
  4. Orient the fan over the fan slot in the fan cage so that the fan connector aligns with the connector on the system board.
  5. Insert the fan into the fan slot in the fan cage and press it down until it is seated correctly in the slot.
    Figure 1. Fan installation
    Fan installation
    Note: Make sure that the newly-installed fan aligns horizontally with other correctly-seated fans for proper installation.
  6. Replace the top cover (see Replacing the top cover).
  7. Slide the server into the rack.