Replacing the top cover

Use this information to replace the server top cover.

To replace the server top cover, complete the following steps:

  1. Make sure that all cables, adapters, and other components are installed and seated correctly and that you have not left loose tools or parts inside the server. Also, make sure that all internal cables are correctly routed.
    Important: Before you slide the top cover forward, make sure that all the tabs and the pins on the top and side of the top cover engage the chassis correctly.
  2. Place the cover-release latch in the open (up) position.
  3. Position the top cover on top of the server.
  4. Insert the bottom tabs of the top cover into the matching slots in the server chassis.
  5. Pivot the cover-release latch as shown and slide the top cover to the front at the same time until the top cover snaps into position.
    Figure 1. Top cover installation
    Top cover installation
  6. Use a screwdriver to turn the cover lock to the closed position.
    Figure 2. Closing the server cover completely
    Closing the server cover completely

  7. Slide the server into the rack.
  8. Reconnect the external cables and power cords.