Configuring a system to be NEBS-compliant

For operation in Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) compliant installations, the system can be configured to extend its operational temperature range to meet NEBS operating temperature requirements.

Note: The system might not be able to save its cache and state data if the power fails while it is operating within the extended temperature range. This is because the battery capacity decreases as temperature rises. If the save of cache and state data cannot be completed, an extended service action is required to recover the system and data might be lost. Keep the temperature within the normal operating range if possible, and maintain a reliable power supply.
  1. Configuring the system to be NEBS-compliant only changes the way that the system responds to raised temperature. You must also ensure that the way the system is racked, and the operating environment, conforms to NEBS requirements. See NEBS-compliant earth connection.
  2. For more information about configuration guidelines and restrictions, see the following website: