Use the triggerlivedump command to capture the metadata that you want to dump, and write the dump file to the internal disk on the node.


triggerlivedump { node_name | node_id }


(Required) Identifies the node name or ID.


You can issue this command to trigger a livedump command. Only one triggerlivedump action can be in progress at one time, with an automatic lag time of 30 seconds between each trigger event. The node must have a live dump state of prepared for this command to succeed. Output is recorded in the node trace (.trc) file.

After you issue the triggerlivedump command, the command captures data and returns you to the CLI interface so that you can issue more commands. While you issue more commands, the live dump disk file is written to the disk in the background, and the live dump state shows as dumping. After the write is complete, the state shows as inactive.

An invocation example

triggerlivedump node1

The resulting output:

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