Use the preplivedump command to reserve the system resources that are required for livedump.


preplivedump { node_name | node_id }


(Required) Identifies the node name or ID.


You can prepare more than one node for livedump at a time by issuing the preplivedump command consecutively. However, you can only trigger one livedump at a time, with an automatic lag time of 30 seconds between each trigger event. This helps maintain node stability.

You can issue multiple preplivedump commands on the same node; however, only a preplivedump command followed by a triggerlivedump command results in output.

Because the livedump resource allocation can take time to execute, you can issue this command to prepare the livedump but trigger it at a later time. This command times out after 60 seconds. The preplivedump event is located in the node trace (.trc) file.

An invocation example

preplivedump node1

The resulting output:

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