SAS cabling guidelines

When connecting SAS cables between 2U expansion enclosures, you must follow a list of guidelines to ensure that your configuration is valid.

Orienting the connector

When inserting SAS cables, make sure the connector (Figure 1) is oriented correctly.

Figure 1. SAS cable connectors
SAS cable connectors

Guidelines (SSRs only)

Be aware of the following guidelines when you connect a Lenovo Storage V series control enclosure to the SAS ports in 2U and 5U expansion enclosures.

Figure 2. Connecting the SAS cables
Image of control and expansion enclosures connected by expansion enclosure attachment cables

Connecting SAS cables

Be aware of the following guidelines when you attach the cables to the SAS ports in 2U expansion enclosures.

Refer to Connecting expansion enclosures to the control enclosure for examples of SAS cable connections on each system.

For information about the SAS cabling requirements for 5U expansion enclosures, see tb5_install_sas_92f.html.