Use the chfcconsistgrp command to change the name of a consistency group or marks the group for auto-deletion.


chfcconsistgrp [ -namenew_name_arg ] [ -autodelete { on | off } ] { fc_consist_group_id | fc_consist_group_name }


(Optional) Specifies the new name to assign to the consistency group.
-autodeleteon | off
(Optional) Deletes the consistency group when the last mapping that it contains is deleted or removed from the consistency group.
fc_consist_group_id | fc_consist_group_name
(Required) Specifies the ID or existing name of the consistency group that you want to modify.


The chfcconsistgrp command changes the name of a consistency group, marks the group for auto-deletion, or both.

Note: Maps that are rc_controlled are not shown in the view when this command is specified.

An invocation example

chfcconsistgrp -name testgrp1 fcconsistgrp1

The resulting output:

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