Use the mkfcconsistgrp command to create a new FlashCopy consistency group and identification name.


mkfcconsistgrp [ -nameconsist_group_name ] [ -autodelete ]


(Optional) Specifies a name for the consistency group. If you do not specify a consistency group name, a name is automatically assigned to the consistency group. For example, if the next available consistency group ID is id=2, the consistency group name is fccstgrp2.
Note: Consistency group names must be an alphanumeric string of up to 15 characters.
(Optional) Deletes the consistency group when the last mapping that it contains is deleted or removed from the consistency group.


This command creates a new consistency group and identification name. The ID of the new group is displayed when the command process completes.

If you have created several FlashCopy mappings for a group of volumes that contain elements of data for the same application, you might find it convenient to assign these mappings to a single FlashCopy consistency group. You can then issue a single prepare command and a single start command for the whole group, for example, so that all of the files for a particular database are copied at the same time.

Note: Maps that are rc_controlled are not shown in the view when this command is specified.
Remember: Names representing Metro Mirror or Global Mirror consistency groups relationships are restricted to fifteen characters in length (not sixty-three for an extended character set).

An invocation example


The resulting output:

FlashCopy Consistency Group, id [1], successfully created