Use the lsmdiskcandidate command to list all unmanaged MDisks by MDisk ID.


lsmdiskcandidate [ -nohdr ] [ -delimdelimiter ]


(Optional) By default, headings are displayed for each column of data in a concise style view, and for each item of data in a detailed style view. The -nohdr parameter suppresses the display of these headings.
Note: If there is no data to be displayed, headings are not displayed.
-delim delimiter
(Optional) By default in a concise view, all columns of data are space-separated. The width of each column is set to the maximum width of each item of data. In a detailed view, each item of data has its own row, and if the headers are displayed, the data is separated from the header by a space. The -delim parameter overrides this behavior. Valid input for the -delim parameter is a 1-byte character. If you enter -delim : on the command line, the colon character (:) separates all items of data in a concise view; for example, the spacing of columns does not occur. In a detailed view, the data is separated from its header by the specified delimiter.


This command displays a list of MDisks that are unmanaged. Only the MDisk IDs are displayed.

When back-end controllers are added to the Fibre Channel SAN and are included in the same switch zone as a cluster, the cluster automatically detects the back-end controller to determine which storage is presented to the node. The SCSI logical units that are presented by the back-end controller are displayed as unmanaged MDisks. However, if the configuration of the back-end controller is modified after this occurs, the cluster might be unaware of these configuration changes. You can then request that the cluster rescan the Fibre Channel SAN to update the list of unmanaged MDisks.
Note: The automatic detection that is performed by the cluster does not write anything to an unmanaged MDisk. It is only when you instruct the cluster to add an MDisk to a storage pool or use a MDisk to create an image mode volume that the storage is used.

Check to see which MDisks are available by issuing the detectmdisk command to manually scan the Fibre Channel network for any MDisks. Issue the lsmdiskcandidate command to show the unmanaged MDisks. These MDisks are not assigned to a storage pool. Alternatively, you can issue the lsmdisk command to view all of the MDisks.

An invocation example


The resulting output: