Use the includemdisk command to include a disk that has been excluded by the system.


includemdisk { mdisk_id | mdisk_name }


mdisk_id | mdisk_name
(Required) Specifies the ID or name of the managed disk to add back into the system.


The specified managed disk is included in the system.

You might exclude a disk from the system because of multiple I/O failures. These failures might be caused by noisy (or unstable) links. Once a fabric-related problem has been fixed, the excluded disk can be added back into the system.

Running this command against an MDisk might change its state, whether the state is reported as excluded.

Note: If an MDisk is in the excluded state, is offline, and does not belong to a storage pool, issuing an include command for this MDisk results in the MDisk record being deleted from the system.

An invocation example

includemdisk mdisk5

The resulting output:

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