Performing IMM2 tasks

This topic lists the tasks that can be performed to control the IMM2.

You can use the information in this section and IMM2 web user interface overview to perform the following tasks to control the IMM2.

From the System Status tab, you can perform the following tasks:
Note: The System Status page is displayed after logging in to the IMM2. Common information and actions are colocated on this page.
From the Events tab, you can perform the following tasks:
From the Services and Support tab, you can perform the following task:
From the Server Management tab, you can select options to perform the following tasks.
Important: Some options may not be available on your server's operating-system platform. Options that are displayed for the Server Management tab are contingent on the server's operating-system platform where the IMM2 is located and the adapters that are installed in the server.