Features on Demand

IMM2 Features on Demand (FoD) allows you to install and manage optional server and systems management features.

There are multiple levels of IMM2 firmware functionality and features available for your server. The level of IMM2 firmware features installed on your server vary based on hardware type. For information about the type of IMM2 hardware and features in your server, see the documentation that came with the server.

You can upgrade IMM2 functionality by purchasing and installing an FoD activation key. For additional detailed information about FoD, see the Features on Demand Users Guide at https://lenovopress.com/redp4895-using-lenovo-features-on-demand.

Note: On servers with the IMM2 Basic level functionality, the Integrated Management Module Standard Upgrade is required prior to installing the Integrated Management Module Advanced Upgrade functionality.

To order an FoD activation key, contact your representative or business partner or go to https://lenovopress.com/redp4895-using-lenovo-features-on-demand.

Use the IMM2 web interface or the IMM2 CLI to manually install an FoD activation key that lets you use an optional feature you have purchased. Before activating a key:

See Installing an activation key, Removing an activation key or Exporting an activation key for information about managing an FoD activation key using the IMM2 web interface. See keycfg command for information about managing an FoD activation key using the IMM2 CLI.