Structural parts

Structural parts are not covered by the Lenovo Statement of Limited Warranty. You can place an order on the structural parts from the Lenovo retail store.

Table 1. Structural parts, Type 7160
Index Description Part number
1 Top cover 00D4437
2 Power supply unit cage, redundant 00D4444
2 Power supply unit cage, fixed 00D4445
4 Filler, power supply 1U 49Y4821
13 Remote RAID battery tray 00W2199
15 Chassis assembly (3.5-inch, without front bezel) 00D4433
15 Chassis assembly (2.5-inch, without front bezel) 00D4440
16 Filler, optical drive 00D4436
19 Front bezel, 3.5-inch 00D4447
20 Front bezel, 2.5-inch 00D4448
21 Filler, 3.5-inch simple-swap 69Y5368
21 Filler, 3.5-inch hot-swap 69Y5364
26 Filler, blank EMC 44T2248
31 2.5-inch simple-swap bracket assembly 00J6283
33 Air baffle 00D4439
  240 VA safety cover 00D4435
  EIA kit 00D4438
  2.5-inch mechanical shell assembly 00AL104
  2.5-inch mechanical shell assembly 00J6281
  3.5-inch mechanical shell assembly 00AL103
  3.5-inch mechanical shell assembly 00W2198
  Acc kit (1U) 46M5293
  Cartridge, 160 GB 46C5393
  Cartridge, 320 GB 46C5394
  Cartridge, 500 GB 46C5395
  Filler, DIMM 81Y4297
  Filler, hard disk drive bay 59Y3925
  Miscellaneous parts kit 00D4446
  Static rail assembly 00Y8216
  USB cage assembly 00D4449

To order a structural part, go to the Lenovo website.

If you need help with your order, call the toll-free number that is listed on the retail parts page, or contact your local Lenovo representative for assistance.