Replacing a PCI riser-card assembly

Use this information to install a PCI riser-card assembly.

To replace a PCI riser-card assembly, complete the following steps:

  1. Read the safety information that begins in Safety and Installation guidelines.
  2. Install the adapter in the new PCI riser-card assembly (see Replacing an adapter).
  3. Set any jumpers or switches on the adapter as directed by the adapter manufacturer.
  4. Align the PCI riser-card assembly with the PCI riser connector on the system board; then, press down firmly until the PCI riser-card assembly is seated correctly in the connector on the system board.
    Figure 1. PCI riser-card assembly installation
    PCI riser-card assembly installation
  5. Install the cover (see Replacing the server top cover).
  6. Reconnect the external cables; then, reconnect the power cords and turn on the peripheral devices and the server.