Dynamic System Analysis

Dynamic System Analysis (DSA) collects and analyzes system information to aid in diagnosing server problems.

DSA collects the following information about the server:

For system-specific information about the action that you should take as a result of a message that DSA generates, see Diagnostic text messages.

If you cannot find a problem by using DSA, see Solving undetermined problems for information about testing the server.

  1. In a multi-node environment, each server has a unique DSA interface. You can view server-specific information, such as event logs, from these unique DSA interfaces.
  2. DSA Preboot might appear to be unresponsive when you start the program. This is normal operation while the program loads.

Make sure that the server has the latest version of the DSA code. To obtain DSA code and the Dynamic System Analysis Installation and User's Guide, go to the Lenovo Dynamic System Analysis (DSA) website.