Removing a system fan

To remove a system fan, do the following:

  1. Check the IMM2.1 event log to find out which fan needs to be replaced. Refer to Integrated Management Module 2.1 (IMM2.1) error messages for the error messages.
  2. Turn off the server. Then, disconnect all external cables and remove all peripheral devices.
  3. Remove the server cover. See Removing the server cover.
  4. Remove the air baffle. See Removing the air baffle.
  5. Disconnect the fan cable from the system board. Record the routing of the fan cable; you will have to route the fan cable the same way when you install the fan.
  6. Grasp the top of the fan with your index finger and thumb and lift the fan out of the server.
    Figure 1. System fan removal
    System fan removal

  7. Complete the parts replacement. See Completing the parts replacement.