Obtaining the IMM2.1 host name

If you are logging on to the IMM2.1 for the first time after installation, the IMM2.1 defaults to DHCP. If a DHCP server is not available, the IMM2.1 uses a static IP address of The default IPv4 host name is "IMM-" (plus the last 12 characters on the IMM2.1 MAC address). The default host name also comes on the IMM2.1 network access tag, which is attached to the power supply on the rear of the server. You can get the host name without starting the server.

The IPv6 link-local address (LLA) is derived from the IMM2.1 default host name. To derive the link-local address, do the following:

  1. Take the last 12 characters on the IMM2.1 MAC address (for example, 5CF3FC5EAAD0).
  2. Separate the number into pairs of hexadecimal characters (for example, 5C:F3:FC:5E:AA:D0).
  3. Separate the first six and last six hexadecimal characters.
  4. Add "FF" and "FE" in the middle of the 12 characters (for example, 5C F3 FC FF FE 5E AA D0).
  5. Convert the first pair of hexadecimal characters to binary (for example, 5=0101, C=1100, which results in 01011100 F3 FC FF FE 5E AA D0).
  6. Flip the seventh binary character from left (0 to 1 or 1 to 0), which results in 01011110 F3 FF FE 5E AA D0.
  7. Convert the binary back to hexadecimal (for example, 5E F3FCFFFE5EAAD0).