IBM Systems Director

IBM Systems Director is a platform-management foundation that streamlines the way you manage physical and virtual systems supports multiple operating systems and virtualization technologies in IBM and non-IBM x86 platforms.

Through a single user interface, IBM Systems Director provides consistent views for viewing managed systems, determining how these systems relate to one other, and identifying their statuses, helping to correlate technical resources with business needs. A set of common tasks that are included with IBM Systems Director provides many of the core capabilities that are required for basic management, which means instant out-of-the-box business value. The common tasks include the following:
The IBM Systems Director Web and command-line interfaces provide a consistent interface that is focused on driving these common tasks and capabilities:

For more information about IBM Systems Director, see the IBM Systems Director Information Center at the IBM Systems Director information center, and the Systems Management website at the Lenovo Systems Management Solutions website, which presents an overview of IBM Systems Management and IBM Systems Director.