User interfaces for servicing your system

The system provides several user interfaces to troubleshoot, recover, or maintain your system. The interfaces provide various sets of facilities to help resolve situations that you might encounter.

Several interfaces are provided to service a system.
  • Use the service assistant to complete service procedures.
    • If service IP addresses are set up for your system, you can connect to the service assistant through the service IP address.
    • If service IP addresses are not set up for your system, you can access the service assistant interface directly by using the technician port. For more information about the technician port, see Technician port.
      Note: Lenovo Storage V5030 and Lenovo Storage V5030F systems have a dedicated technician port. On Lenovo Storage V3700 V2 and Lenovo Storage V3700 V2 XP systems, the second on-board Ethernet port (port 2) can be enabled as the technician port.