Accessing the management GUI

To view events, you must access the management GUI.

You must use a supported web browser. For a list of supported browsers, refer to the "Web browser requirements to access the management GUI" topic.

You can use the management GUI to manage your system as soon as you have created a clustered system.

  1. Start a supported web browser and point the browser to the management IP address of your system.

    The management IP address is set when the clustered system is created. Up to four addresses can be configured for your use. There are two addresses for IPv4 access and two addresses for IPv6 access.

    When the connection is successful, you will see a login panel.
  2. Log on by using your user name and password.
  3. When you have logged on, select Monitoring > Events.
  4. Ensure that the events log is filtered using Recommended actions.
  5. Select the recommended action and run the fix procedure.
  6. Continue to work through the alerts in the order suggested, if possible.

After all the alerts are fixed, check the status of your system to ensure that it is operating as intended.