Configuring the Linux operating system for IBM z Systems hosts

You must configure the Linux operating system before you can use z Systems hosts with the system.

Before you configure the host operating systems, complete the following tasks:
After the prerequisite tasks are complete, use the following general steps to configure your z Systems hosts that are running the Linux operating system:
  1. Zone the host to the system on the Fibre Channel SAN.
    For more information, see the zoning details and zoning examples topics in the Configuring section of the help.
  2. Create the host on the system using the worldwide port names (WWPNs). Map the volumes to the host, as required.
  3. Configure your Linux system for FCP attachment. See the latest versions of the Linux on zSeries Device Drivers and Installation Commands for the Linux Kernel and Device Drivers, Features, and Commands for the Linux Kernel publications for additional information.
  4. See your host publications for additional configuration tasks.