Attachment requirements for hosts that run the Windows Server operating system

When you attach the system to a host that is running a Windows Server operating system, certain requirements must be followed.

The following list provides the requirements for attaching the system to your host:
  • Check the LUN limitations for your host system. Ensure that enough Fibre Channel adapters are installed in the server to handle the total LUNs that you want to attach.
  • Do not remove LUN 0, as access to other mapped LUNs might be affected.
  • Ensure that you have the documentation for your Windows operating system and that you have access to the Installing section in this product information.
  • Ensure that you installed the supported hardware and software on your host, including the following items:
    • Operating system service packs and patches
    • Host bus adapters (HBAs)
    • HBA device drivers
    • Multipathing drivers
    • Clustered-system software