Configuring the Emulex HBA for hosts that run a Windows Server operating system

After you install the Emulex host bus adapter (HBA) and the driver on hosts that run a Microsoft Windows Server operating system, you must configure the HBA.

For the Emulex HBA StorPort driver, accept the default settings and set topology to 1 (1=F_Port Fabric). For the Emulex HBA FC Port driver, use the default settings and change the parameters that are given in Table 1.
Note: The parameters that are shown in parentheses correspond to the parameters in HBAnywhere.
Table 1. Configuration file parameters for the Emulex HBA
Parameters Recommended Settings
Query name server for all N-ports (BrokenRSCN) Enabled
LUN mapping (MapLuns) Enabled (1)
Automatic LUN mapping (MapLuns) Enabled (1)
Allow multiple paths to SCSI targets (MultipleSCSIClaims). Enabled
Scan in device ID order (ScanDeviceIDOrder) Disabled
Translate queue full to busy (TranslateQueueFull). Enabled
Retry timer (RetryTimer) 2000 milliseconds
Maximum number of LUNs (MaximumLun) Equal to or greater than the number of the system LUNs that are available to the HBA.