Updating the system manually

The automatic method is the preferred procedure for updating the code on the canisters; however, to provide more flexibility in the update process, you can also update each canister manually.

During this manual procedure, you prepare the update, remove a canister from the system, update the code on the canister, and return the canister to the system. You repeat this process for the remaining canisters until the last canister is removed from the system. Every canister must be updated to the same code level. You cannot interrupt the update and switch to installing a different level. After all the canisters are updated, you must confirm the update to complete the process. The confirmation restarts each canister in order and takes about 30 minutes to complete.


Start here to update to version 8.1.0 or later from version 7.7.0 or later.

Start here to update to a later version.

If you are updating from a release before version 7.7.0, follow the instructions in that previous release.

Before you update nodes manually, ensure that the following requirements are met:
  • To find out about releases, restrictions, and compatibility, see the information about concurrent compatibility and code cross-reference at this website:


  • The latest update test utility was downloaded to your management workstation.
  • The latest system update package was downloaded to your management workstation.
  • All node canisters are online.
  • Errors in the system event log are addressed and marked as fixed.
  • There are no volumes, MDisks, or storage systems with Degraded or Offline status.
  • The service assistant IP is configured on every node in the system.
  • The system superuser password is known.
  • The current system configuration was backed up and saved.
  • You have physical access to the hardware.
The following actions are not required; they are suggestions.
  • Stop all Metro Mirror, Global Mirror, or HyperSwap operations during the update procedure.
  • Avoid running any FlashCopy operations during this procedure.
  • Avoid migrating or formatting volumes during this procedure.
  • Stop collecting IBM Spectrum Control performance data for the system.
  • Stop any automated jobs that access the system before you update.
  • Ensure that no other processes are running on the system before you update.
  • If you want to update without host I/O, shut down all hosts before you start the update.