When to run the recover system procedure

Attempt a recover procedure only after a complete and thorough investigation of the cause of the system failure. Attempt to resolve those issues by using other service procedures.

Attention: If you experience failures at any time while running the recover system procedure, call the IBM Support Center. Do not attempt to do further recovery actions, because these actions might prevent support from restoring the system to an operational status.
Certain conditions must be met before you run the recovery procedure. Use the following items to help you determine when to run the recovery procedure:
  1. Check that no node in the system is active and that the management IP is not accessible. If any node has active status, it is not necessary to recover the system.
  2. Resolve all hardware errors in nodes so that only node errors 578 or 550 are present. If this is not the case, go to Fix hardware errors.
  3. Ensure that all backend storage is administered by the system is present before you run the recover system procedure.
  4. If any nodes have been replaced, ensure that the WWNN of the replacement node matches that of the replaced node, and that no prior system data remains on this node.