Configuring the QLogic HBA by using QLogic qla driver for Oracle SPARC hosts

After you install the QLogic host bus adapter (HBA) and the driver, you must configure the HBA.

To configure the HBA, complete the following steps:

  1. Set up the HBA connection to the switch fabric by editing the qlaxx00.conf configuration file. (When you install the driver, this file is installed in the /kernel/drv/ directory.) Make the following changes in the file:
    1. Set the maximum number of LUNs by adding or editing the following line. You can change the value of 8 to match the maximum number of LUNs that you need.
    2. Set the HBA to fabric-only mode by including the following line:
  2. Decide whether you must use dynamic port binding or static port binding. If you are using the Subsystem Device Driver (SDD) or are booting from the SAN, you must use static port binding. Otherwise, use dynamic binding.
    If you use static port binding, make the following changes to the configuration file:
    1. Add a line that is similar to the following example:
      hba0-SCSI-target-id-2-Fibre Channel-port-name="50057680130018";
    2. Set the Automap parameter to 0 as shown in the following example:
  3. Restart the host and examine the /var/adm/messages file to ensure that the HBA is set up as a switch-fabric connection.