Stopping a consistency group using the CLI

You can use the command-line interface (CLI) to stop a consistency group.

The stopfcconsistgrp CLI command stops all processing that is associated with a consistency group that is in one of the following processing states: prepared, copying, stopping, or suspended.

  1. To stop a consistency group, issue the stopfcconsistgrp CLI command:
    stopfcconsistgrp fc_map_id or fc_map_name

    where fc_map_id or fc_map_name is the ID or name of the mapping to delete.

  2. To stop a consistency group and break the dependency on the source volumes of any mappings that are also dependent on the target volume, issue the following command:
    stopfcconsistgrp -split fc_map_id or fc_map_name

    You can specify the split parameter when all the maps in the group have a progress of 100. It removes the dependency of any other maps on the source volumes. You can use this option before you start another consistency group whose target disks are the source disks of the mappings that are being stopped. After the consistency group is stopped with the split option, you can start the other consistency group without the restore option.

The command does not return any output.