Updating tokens for support assistance

You can update support assistance tokens that are shared by the administration server and the system by using the command-line interface (CLI) or the management GUI.

When you enable remote support assistance, the system generates a support assistance token. This shared security token is sent to the support center and is used for authentication during support assistance sessions. Updating a token is essentially overwriting the existing token, then sending it securely to the support assistance administration server in an email message. You specify the email addresses of the support assistance administration servers when you configure support assistance. If the email is not received in time for a support incident or cannot be sent for some reason, a service engineer can manually add the token to the administration server. Before you can update a token, you must enable the support assistance feature. You can update the token periodically as a security practice, similar to how you update passwords.

To update a token by using either the management GUI or the command-line interface, the user must be in the SecurityAdmin user group, which includes the superuser account, or the RestrictedAdmin user group, which includes the sra_privileged account.

Using the management GUI

To update a shared support assistance token, complete the following steps:
  1. In the management GUI, click Settings > Support > Support Assistance. The Support Assistance window is displayed, which shows the support assistance settings.
  2. Click Generate New Token.

Using the command-line interface

To update a shared support assistance token, enter the following command:
svctask chsra -updatetoken