Preparing the SSH client system for the CLI

Before you can issue command-line interface (CLI) commands from the host to the cluster, you must prepare the Secure Shell (SSH) client system.

MicrosoftWindows operating systems

The workstation for the system includes the PuTTY client program, which is a MicrosoftWindows SSH client program. The PuTTY client program can be installed on your workstation in one of the following ways:
  • If you purchased the workstation hardware option from IBM, the PuTTY client program has been preinstalled on the hardware.
  • You can use the workstation software installation CD to install the PuTTY client program. The workstation hardware option and the software-only workstation each provide this CD.
  • You can use the separate PuTTY client program-installation wizard, putty-version-installer.exe. You can download the PuTTY client program from the following Web site:

Note: Before you install the PuTTY client program, ensure that your Windows system meets the system requirements.

IBMAIX operating systems

For IBMAIX 5L for POWER, versions 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, and AIX version 6.1 for IBMPOWER6 architecture, you can obtain the OpenSSH client from the bonus packs, but you also must obtain its prerequisite, OpenSSL, from the IBMAIX toolbox for Linux applications for IBMPower Systems. For AIX 4.3.3, you can obtain the software from the AIX toolbox for Linux applications.

You can also obtain the AIX installation images from IBMdeveloperWorks at the following Web site:

Linux operating systems

The OpenSSH client is installed by default on most Linux distributions. If it is not installed on your system, consult your Linux installation documentation or visit the following Web site:

The OpenSSH client can run on a variety of additional operating systems. For more information about the openSSH client, visit the following Web site: